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Mechanical and Safety Engineering (MASE), formerly known as Safety Engineering Resources, was founded in 2001 by Ryan Engineering founder and former President, Dr. L.D. Ryan and his son John L. Ryan, P.E. MASE is currently owned and operated by John L. Ryan, P.E. Mechanical and Safety Engineering provides accident investigation, product testing, expert witness testimony, and general mechanical and structural engineering consultation. We are headquartered in Colorado, and have branches in Arkansas and Michigan, and provide our engineering expertise to our clients located around the country and internationally.

Product Liability Investigations/Engineering Expert Witness Services

MASE provides mechanical engineering expert witness testimony services. We do full service analysis and accident reconstruction of products involved in accidents. We will determine if a product was unreasonably defective and the cause of a product injury, or if the product is safe from an engineering perspective. MASE will determine if a product met the state of the art at the time of manufacture, met any applicable codes, and whether the product followed established engineering design protocol. We test products in our lab, develop alternate designs that can prevent accidents, produce high quality reports, and use visual aids in the courtroom such as scale models to help explain accident scenarios and alternate designs. We provide both plaintiff and defense services, based on the circumstances of the case and whether the product was produced following engineering design protocol. Historically we have been involved witih plaintiff attorneys, but often find ourselves turning down plaintiff cases due to our objective analyses. We will provide a detailed accident reconstruction, based on the available evidence.

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Crash Data Retrieval Service

Modern vehicles are equipped with event data recorders (EDR) that are a component of the safety system, normally a subcomponent of the airbag control module. These event data recorders record various information when a collision occurs. This information will include minimum deceleration levels, which can be used to show crash severity. Extensive additional information may also be available such as the principal direction of force of a collision, whether occupants were wearing their seatbelts, whether the brakes were being applied, and much more.

General Engineering Consulting

MASE provides full service engineering consulting. We apply our mechanical engineering consulting experience and knowledge to every job we work on. Common areas we work on include:

  • Factory Automation
  • Process Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Machine Safeguarding
  • Safety Training
  • Standard Compliance (OSHA, ASME, ANSI, UL, others)
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Structural Engineering Services
  • Product Certification
  • Product Safety Enhancement
  • CAD services
  • Product Testing
  • Design Approval
  • Temporary Engineer Placement Service
  • Product Hazard Analysis and Safety Design Recommendations

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Industrial Safety

MASE provides our industrial clients with the peace of mind of knowing that machine hazards are guarded effectively. We have extensive experience with OSHA compliance, and can make changes to your facility to prevent costly accidents or OSHA fines. Most facilities have extensive unguarded machine hazards. Common unguarded hazards can include in-running nip points, shear points, entanglement hazards, fall hazards, and electrical hazards. We seek to make your facility as safe as possible, and will work with our clients based on their budgetary requirements.

Engineering Continuing Education

Mechanical and Safety Engineering provides continuing education courses to professional engineers globally. MASE provides an expanding course selection. Please visit to view available courses to meet your state's professional engineer professional development hours requirements.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is related to our duty as professional engineers to the public. We are dedicated to holding paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of our professional duties. This is the fundamental canon of engineers' code of ethics. This means as professional mechanical engineers, we are required to put the safety, health, and welfare of the public above any other consideration or priority. This seems only logical since engineers are responsible for designing products and systems ranging from children's toys to industrial machines to huge buildings to weapons systems. This canon helps remind engineers that it is the public we are really serving, and to put the public's interest first.

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