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Mechanical and Safety Engineering performs engineering analysis of automobiles involved in collisions. We are asked to investigate accidents where there is a possibility of safety system failure, a component defect that may have led to a collision, or if there is a question about the crash worthiness of a specific vehicle. We also provide collision reports to insurance companies that detail the severity of a particular collision.

Automobile collisions occur all too frequently. A high percentage of people will be involved in an automobile collision at some point in their life. Modern technology has improved our chances of surviving automobile collisions without permanent injury. Even so, failure of safety systems such as seat belts, air bags, pretensioners, and other safety systems do occur. When this happens, injuries that are disproportionate to the severity of the collision are often seen.

Seat belt failures can occur due to failure of the sensing mechanism in seat belt retractors. During rollover accidents or whenever a large vertical component exists, there is potential for the sensing mechanism to be held in position where it is unable to initiate locking of the seat belt. Seat belt failures can also occur due to latching failures, where the seat belt D-ring becomes disengaged from the latch plate. This can occur due to false latching, where the tongue never engages the latching mechanism, but there is enough internal friction to hold the seat belt in position until an impact. Air bags are designed to deploy at specific deceleration levels. When collisions involve low deceleration levels, air bags are designed not to deploy. Airbags are designed to deploy at deceleration levels that will cause severe injury to humans. The air bag increases the amount of time that a vehicle occupant decelerates through, thereby decreasing the deceleration experienced by the occupant, and reducing the severity of the injuries. There are times when air bags fail to deploy when they should. This can be due to sensor failure, or due to inadequate sensor placement. Seat belt pretensioners are designed to reduce the amount of slack in a seat belt system during a collision. They typically involve an explosive charge that rapidly reels in slack of a seat belt. This helps the seat belt do its job of restraining the vehicle occupant. Loose seat belts allow for the occupant to accelerate relative to the vehicle in a collision, then decelerate against either the loose seat belt, the interior of the vehicle, or an object outside of the vehicle in the event of ejection. A pretensioner can also help pull an occupant back into the seat if they are leaning forward or to the side. Pretensioner failure results in more severe injuries due to the failure of the restraint system to keep the occupant in the safest position.

We are trained to identify these safety system failures. Contact us today at (855) 627-6273, or email us at to discuss your automobile collision case.

Most modern automobiles have sensors and computers which record data before and during an automobile collision. This data is often instrumental in determining what really happened in an accident. Some accidents are not survivable, even if all safety systems function properly. Crash data obtained from Electronic Data Recorders (EDR) can reveal many facts and details about what happened during an accident, as well as data prior to the collision. This data can be useful for insurance companies to determine the severity of a collision, scientifically and irrefutably. For attorneys representing clients injured in automobile collisions, this information will show the severity of a collision, which is essential in product liability claims or personal injury cases.

MASE personnel are certified to obtain the data from EDR's. We can produce a short report explaining the data found on the EDR. This document can be indispensable for insurance companies and attorneys. Give us a call at (855) 627-6273 to see if the data from your client's vehicle can be downloaded. Or email us at