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Mechanical and Safety Engineering LLC (MASE) also works with attorneys needing forensic engineering expert witness testimony. We are hired by attorneys, insurance companies, manufacturers, and individuals to determine whether machinery and products involved in injury cases were adequately designed or whether they have a design, manufacturing, or material defect. We work as defense and plaintiff experts, depending on the individual case. We provide our clients with honest, scientific analysis, and let our clients know as soon as possible whether our analysis aligns with their side. We adhere to our professional obligation to hold paramount the health, welfare, and safety of the public.

We use state of the art research, and industry standards, both federally mandated by OSHA or the CPSC, and voluntary industry standards, to help determine if a product meets design criteria at the time of production, and whether it is safe, or unreasonably dangerous.

Most products manufactured today have industry standards that identify minimum requirements in relation to performance, safety, design, and use.  While some of these standards are voluntary, and some are mandatory due to OSHA requirements, identifying failures of products to meet minimum design or safety standards effectively establishes the defective nature of a product, using the scientific and peer-reviewed nature of the standard. At Mechanical and Safety Engineering, we use industry standards to determine if a product is safe or unsafe.  Testing exemplar products to industry standards is a cost-effective way to show compliance or lack of compliance. When testing is impractical, we use computer simulation to show compliance or deviance from standards. If you have a case involving a potential product defect, contact us today, and we will see if there are any relevant standards that can be used to identify a product defect. 

We follow the National Safety Council's design priority list, which is a systematic method of hazard control that is used by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and other professional engineering organizations. This method puts the most effective safeguarding methods at higher priorities than less effective methods. This logical process maximizes product safety:

  1. Eliminate the hazard from the product design
  2. Neutralize the hazard with guarding
  3. Provide warnings regarding hazard
  4. Train personnel in safe use of product
  5. Equip personnel with personal protection equipment

This protocol requires hazards to be eliminated at the design level if this is possible. This is the most effective method of hazard control - eliminate the hazards, and possibility of injury is eliminated. Guarding technology can be used in most cases to safeguard hazards that cannot be eliminated. Warnings rely on human perception and behavior but can still offer some sort of protection to the product user. Training is dependent upon human behavior and should not be relied on as an effective primary method of hazard control. Personal protective equipment does not prevent exposure to a hazard, instead it can reduce the consequences of exposure.

Our extensive experience has given us a wealth of research and knowledge to draw on. Our clients benefit directly from research and analysis we have performed in the past. We get results, both in pre-trial settlements, and in the courtroom. Give us a call today to discuss your accident case.

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How We Operate

  • MASE compiles the data and research from each case we handle, adding to the information and knowledge we have. Clients who hire us get the benefit of this past research and experience, at no additional cost. This saves our clients money.
  • Our experience and research of unsafe products has led us to alternate designs that safeguard hazards. Some of these designs are being produced and sold on the market, some have been patented, and many are based on simple engineering design principles.
  • Our engineering technicians, who work at rates lower than experts, take this information and apply our compiled research to the specific product model. The technicians customize the generic background information under the supervision of the expert.
  • We have in-house and contract experts - this gives you a choice of different qualified experts. We train our experts in communicating with juries. You decide who you want to be your expert.
  • We offer free case assessment, to determine if a client's case will likely align with the findings of our analysis.
  • We work on an hourly basis, or we can bid a case for a fixed-cost, the choice is yours.
  • We can create PowerPoint presentations or animation for the courtroom, as well as produce full or scale models of products and alternate designs to demonstrate concepts to the jury. Showing someone about an alternate design that could have prevented an injury is a highly effective method of communicating engineering concepts.
  • Our experts are licensed professional engineers - this proves that they have the knowledge and experience to competently practice engineering.
  • We have branches in Colorado, Arkansas and Michigan - this gives us greater ability to perform site visits and saves our clients money.