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Paintball accidents usually involve an eye injury of some sort. This can be due to goggle failure or improperly guarded spectator areas. Some goggles have not been designed to withstand the impact forces of paintballs. There are paintball-specific goggles that are supposed to be designed for the sport. Failure is to be expected of a non-paintball-approved goggle when struck by a paintball. The failure of paintball goggles is unacceptable, and is most likely due to design errors or manufacturing flaws. The proper guarding of spectator areas is crucial to the safety of onlookers, as well as players exiting and entering the field. Strict control measures are necessary to enforce participants to keep eye protection on at all times on the playing fields. Safety outside of the playing field is also a concern since players will still be holding the hazard - the paintball marker. Field operators must enforce barrel plug use outside of the playing field to ensure the safety of everyone. MASE has an expert with extensive experience in paintball safety and field operation.

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