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MASE believes in communicating to the jury the important aspects of a product liability case. This can be done verbally, using pictures, Powerpoint presentations, videos, and in other ways. We have found the best way to explain to someone who is unfamiliar with the case particulars about a case is by using scale and full-sized models. Scale models don't require an imagination or complex thought processes to understand. Scale models help the jury to understand the hazards associated with a product. Scale models can also be used to communicate an alternate design that would prevent a particular accident from occurring. When the jury has a true understanding of why an accident occurred, and what could have been done to prevent the accident, the chances are greater that the jury will make the best decision. Pictured below are a few of the models we have used to demonstrate safety engineering principles. Contact us today at (855) 627-6273 to help you communicate your case to the jury - our in-house model specialist will create a quote for you for your particular needs.