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Lawnmowers are another product that cause frequent, needless accidents. There are multiple accident scenarios with lawnmowers. Contact with the mower blade is a serious hazard. This hazard is inherent to the function of the product, so the hazard must be guarded. Solutions have been developed that cover the spinning blade to prevent contact with humans, but that allow the grass to be cut. Children are often the victims in lawnmower accidents. Children that are not watched approach a riding mower from behind, and the mower operator can back over the child without seeing him or her. Other scenarios include mower users who sit their youngster on their lap while they mow. This is extremely hazardous and should never be done, but engineering design principles call for human error to be taken into account and guarded against. Most modern mowers are now equipped with no-mow-in-reverse technology that disengages the spinning blade when the mower is put into neutral. This is to prevent backover mower accidents. Operator presence sensors are also vital to lawnmower safety. When an operator leaves his or her seat, a sensor detects it and either disengages the mower blade or more often shuts the mower completely off.

Another big hazard with lawnmowers is overturns. Every year, people are killed and injured when their lawnmowers overturn and crush them. To protect against an overturn requires the same simple guarding solution that is found on tractors - rollover protective structures, a.k.a. ROPS, combined with an operator seatbelt. These have not caught on like tractor ROPS, but a few mower manufacturers offer them as standard equipment, and some offer ROPS as optional attachments, while other manufacturers do not have ROPS available. For concerned mower users, custom aftermarket ROPS are available. Email us at and we can direct you to a vendor that can provide you with a ROPS. Another problem is the sales teams that sell lawnmowers. A MASE personnel member approached a prominent mower manufacturer's resale store, and inquired about various riding lawnmowers. When he asked the salesman if the mower could be equipped with ROPS, he was told that it wasn't available, even though our agent knew it was available for the particular model. MASE can determine if a lawnmower is unreasonably dangerous due to design defects, malfunctioning equipment, control malfunction, or other reasons. Our engineering expert witnesses have the experience to provide you with the best analysis and alternate design solutions.