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Forklift accidents are common, and often result in severe injury or death. Forklifts must use large amounts of force to move heavy loads at fast speeds. These same elements that make forklifts useful in industrial settings make them extremely dangerous. Many forklift accidents are blamed on human error. The problem with this reasoning is engineering design principles. Designers must eliminate or safeguard all potential hazards of a product. Any unguarded hazard can and will result in human injury or death. The masts of a forklift often are inadequately guarded, and people get crushed in the mast mechanism as well as between a rising lift platform and a solid surface. Pedestrian and forklift collisions are common as well. Numerous factors affect pedestrian/forklift accidents, including safety design features of the forklift such as reversing beeper, proximity detection, and field of view from the operator's position, as well as environmental factors such as lighting, noise level, factory layout, and other issues.