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Mechanical Engineering Consulting – (855) 627-6273

Mechanical and Safety Engineering (MASE) provides general engineering consulting services as well as specialized engineering consulting. We have extensive experience coming up with solutions to difficult problems. We can design everything from a pressure vessel to a building to a HVAC system to mechanical machine components, perform an accident reconstruction, identify product defects, guard machine hazards, develop product warnings, do destructive and nondestructive testing, and design and construct factory automation robotic machines, to mention a few of our areas of specialty. We can come up with a solution to your engineering needs - give us a call today at (855) 627-6273

MASE can help your company through these difficult economic times. Lay-offs have left many companies short-handed. Getting projects finished on time is getting harder. Consider hiring MASE to help you instead of incurring the expense of hiring a new employee and paying wages, social security, insurance, vacation, worker's compensation, and all of the hidden costs that add up quick. As consultants, we will come in and provide assistance where you need it most. If you are in need of an in-house engineer, we can provide a temporary rental engineer that will minimize costs to your company.

We have decades of experience solving our industrial clients' problems. In the era of cost reduction, automating simple manufacturing or assembling tasks can reduce your overhead drastically. We specialize in improving products. We can enhance the ergonomics of your product with our human factors knowledge, design experience and computer software. Increasing the efficiency of your manufacturing process can include reducing material costs by trimming unnecessary material while ensuring structural integrity. We use finite element analysis three dimensional modeling software to find the most cost-effect solution that will still meet necessary design guidelines. Preventing product-related accidents by making your product as safe as possible will save litigation and insurance costs. Our expertise in safety engineering will make your product as safe as possible by eliminating hazards at the design level. For products with inherent hazards, we will develop the best guarding solution that will neutralize or isolate the hazard.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is computer software that can analyze complex shapes and structures. FEA involves modeling whatever is to be analyzed. This can be done in two dimensions for low cost, uniform cross-section projects, or products and structures can be modeled three dimensionally. Once the model is created, various loading and boundary conditions are applied to the model, and the computer software determines resultant stresses and deflection. FEA is a very helpful tool to use in design - it can ensure that a product or structure is strong enough, without being so over-designed that material is wasted. Call us at (855) 627-6273or email us for more information.

Product Development/Factory Automation

One of our favorite things to do is product development. This is the creative design process where we thrive. We work in all stages of the product development process. Whether you are working on a new product or redesigning an existing product, MASE can provide you with the necessary creativity, free-thinking, and design ingenuity to make your product a success. We can come up with solutions to difficult problems that other engineers cannot solve. For investors looking for great ideas to invest in, we have numerous inventions and products that are developed and ready for commerce. Call us at (855) 627-6273 or email us for more information.

We can provide your facility with custom automation equipment to meet your production needs. Many processes are unique and require custom built equipment to automate manufacturing and assembly. MASE personnel have extensive experience designing and building robotic factory automation equipment.

Industrial Safety

MASE can provide your facility with engineering expertise to make your factory as safe as possible and reduce workplace injuries as well as expensive OSHA fines. We have worked for years in machine guarding, and are highly knowledgeable about the various machine hazards that exist in modern production facilities. We follow the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and National Safety Council's design priority method, where we attempt to eliminate a hazard from the design completely before we do anything else. If this is impossible, we use guarding technology to neutralize the hazard and protect machine operators. Call us at (855) 627-6273 or email us for more information.

Structural Engineering

MASE performs various structural engineering services for local projects in the Colorado/Arkansas/Oklahoma/Missouri area as well as nationwide. Whether your project is a truss system, residential home, building renovation, a commercial building, or industrial complex, MASE can provide you with the necessary analysis, design, or re-design to make sure that your structure or building is safe and meets applicable codes. We provide solutions that are approved and stamped by our in-house registered professional engineer. We perform structural engineering services for new construction and for renovation of existing buildings. We also perform structural engineering reports that are requested by inspectors or home-buyers in real estates sales transactions. Call us at (855) 627-6273 or email us for more information.