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Wood chipper accidents occur with devastating results. Wood chippers are designed to pull trees and limbs into the chipping mechanism. This feature ensures that any accident will be severe. People are killed and seriously injured frequently by poorly guarded wood chippers. Safeguarding the point of operation of the wood chipper by an adequate distance and physicaly barriers is the first element to guarding these machines. Interlocked safeguards help ensure that the operator will not be exposed to the point of operation. The speed that the limbs are pulled into a chipper and human reaction times must be considered when creating a guarding solution for these machines. Many wood chippers being sold today rely on the operator pulling an emergency stop to stop the machine. When a worker is being pulled into a wood chipper, he or she will not be able to react in time to trip the emergency stop. Some manufacturers are making advances in safeguarding, using safety trip devices that do not rely on the person's reaction to function.

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