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Dr. L.D Ryan worked in the indoor bleacher seating industry for a number of years. His work in this industry as an engineer gives him excellent qualifications to act as an expert witness on cases involving falls and/or slips on bleacher-type seating. Many bleacher accidents are the result of poorly designed, constructed, or maintained bleachers. Slip and fall accidents on bleachers can sometimes be attributed to negligent design or faulty manufacturing. Environmental factors like poor lighting, failure to demarcate elevation changes, and situational events can also contribute to a bleacher accident, and must be investigated in any bleacher case. MASE investigates bleacher accidents to determine whether or not the bleachers and property comply with applicable standards and codes. Design and manufacturing defects are investigated as well. Bleachers and grandstands must protect their occupants from falling from the structure. Floor and walking surfaces are investigated in these type of accidents, as are other contributing factors such as lighting and elevation change indication communication. MASE also provides defense expert witness services to bleacher manufacturers and facilities who have followed the hierarchy of design and have met relevant industry standards.